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Stars ...Stripes..And Wrinkles

I have seen some very old vets...
How do they live to be so old
I mean,what the heck...
The odds are against them...
...So many die from disease
There`s Agent Orange,
 a new threat...
older war veterans
had never met...
but ...still there is cancer...
... and diabetes
PTSD will bring some
... to their knees
Alot of them pass on... their own hand
...a gun,drink ...drugs...
...It`s common in this land
...Yet here are these old fellas`,
just leaned back ...
...taking their ease,
...each day just eyeing
the flag in the breeze
Dreading the day ...
 their brothers will be gone
...and they... Dear God...
will be left here all alone
What gives an old vet
... the will to live so long
when so many have passed on
Is there a secret ritual
... that does to them alone, belong
I wonder what magic they hold...
Does God take his chosen...
and...perhaps pour steel in their mould...
...God Blessings on each one`s dear soul...

©7/10/03 Faye Sizemore



      Old Fellas`
The hills of home stand high
To protect them I was ready to die
When I grew up a soldier I became
That is how and why I became lame
In a battle I was injured long ago
Thus did begin my tale of woe
At the Soldiers Home it`s been said
Sometimes I have nightmares in my bed
I don`t remember any dreams
It`s really for the best it seems
What I remember is other`s screams
I have heard those of ol`man Joe
He`s here , he has no where else to go
And then there`s my friend Bill
If he can keep us awake he will
On crutches Johnny can go
Sometimes he thinks I am slow
We go down to the town sguare
Just to get us some morning air
We sit together so we won`t be alone
And admire the view of the hills of home
©June 2002 Faye Sizemore



     Serenity Secured
A train whistle`s lonely call in the distance
In the dark a whip-poor-will`s  insistance
Big wheels singing way over on the highway
The bells calling the ending of another day
Last drops of rain sliding off the trees
These sounds are all soothing to me
They speak to me of the safety of home
The canopy of night`s overhead like a dome
For those who fought and died for this security
I would like to say these grateful words from me
Without your sacrefices we would not be free
The sounds of the night would not peaceful be
I can sit here in the dark with no fear you see
Because glorious soldiers you secured it for me
Words cannot tell how grateful I am for your part
Just feel and know the true thanksgiving of my heart

©September2002 Faye Sizemore



     Last Words

There he was lying  in bed,a once giant of a man
Fading like the roses someone had left on his stand
The old veteran`s sharp eyes were slowly dimming
Not much longer for him to be judged among the living
The old soldier`s clock was slowly winding down
He glanced up just then seeing my concerned frown
This decorated veteran of Korea and Vietnam`s fray
Tonight he knew he was going to have his last say
'Listen here,'he said,'death just don`t scare me
Was with the First when we drove the enemy from Seoul
The battles they were hot and the weather it was cold
I been up Old Baldy and I fought on Pork Chop Hill,see
I been to the Khe San, and the white sands of Quang Tri
Where I`m going ain`t half as scary as where I`ve been
Not like running and duckin` bullets at Long Binh
Yes, and I`ve been to the terrible walled city of Hue
Let me tell you,there, we almost got blown away
I can honestly sayto you we were really put to the test
If the truth be known I would really welcome some rest
Listen,Friend,I don`t want nor do I need any of your tears
For I haven`t slept a night of peace in nearly forty years'
Then with that so said the old soldier closed his eyes in final sleep
And for all of his years of torment ,I hung my head and I did weep  
 ©August102002 Faye Sizemore



Veterans Day: 2001
I remember
 the sound of drums and
 marching feet
I was just a child
 I remember parades
 on the curb
all would catch my eye,
the hats taken off as Old Glory was passing by.
 I was just a child
The dry leaves
under foot as they marched past our school
 where each day we started with the pledge
and a prayer
 unity was the rule
 I was just a child
 veterans marching by heads held high
 Ill sit on the curb again
 with the dry leaves blowing and the snap of flags in the wind
Because you are my Heroes and always have been
©Faye Sizemore
November 02, 2001


Cobwebs 2




Sign the petion to release our POW's

To: Ambassador Nguyen Tam Chien
Vietnamese Ambassador to the US
1233 - 20th Street NW, Suite 400
Washington, DC 20036

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